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Wizard Wars on Syfy

As soon as we saw the commercials for Wizard Wars we immediately put it in the DVR to be recorded each week. Wizard Wars airs on Tuesdays at 10/9C on Syfy.

We watched the first episode, and the whole family really enjoyed it! Who doesn’t enjoy magic? Ellen Fox hosts this series. Penn and Teller serve as judges along with magic critic, Christen Gerhart and World Champion of Magic, Jason Latimer. Magicians are teamed up come each week and compete against each other and then against the expert team of wizards to win $10,000.

What I like is that the they challenge the teams with every day objects. The first episode there was Spam and Super Soakers that had to be used in their illusions. Since they haven’t worked together before nor with these objects they have to really think on their feet.

You seeĀ  them working on their tricks and illusions, but never giving away how they do any of it. I was impressed by show and what these magicians came up with. I need that Masked Magician to show me how they did all this stuff!

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