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Breaking Up With Cable: Using Existing Coax For Your TV Antenna

We are four months into our Breaking Up With Cable series. We have researched antennas, tried a couple different strengths, found online options for streaming, used apps and sites for TV listings, and figured out how quickly we would get reimbursed and what we would save a month. Now we want to use our existing coax cable outlets from our cable days to connect multiple TV’s to the antenna.

We have two antennas: one for the living room on the first floor and one for the bedroom on second floor, but that leaves out the kids’ TV in the Office/Playroom.

However, we do have coax from our old cable run to all these rooms. The Hubs idea was to buy more coax, crimpers for these, and run some line to the basement where it all comes in then out to the house.

He chose  our antenna from the second floor bedroom to use for whole house signal, since it got the best signal.
First, he split that cable from the antenna to go to the second floor TV, and then added an amplifier before continuing to the basement.
Once he got to the basement, he cut the old line used the existing splitter with our antenna cable as the new “In”.

Hint: When using splitters only buy the maximum you need. Each split divides your signal strength. For example if you have a 4 way splitter (4 outputs) then divide your signal strength by 4. This applies whether you use all the outputs or not.

Now the two TVs on the first floor, and the one on the second floor all receive their OTA (Over The Air) signal from the one antenna in our bedroom window.

No Turning Back

No Turning Back

We have had it this way for about 6 months now, and it does pretty good. Main issue is that the signal is weaker traveling so far. Also someone walking around in bedroom can effect the signal in the living room.

He has wanted to move up to the next stage of an attic antenna, and finally ordered it after Christmas. That will be a whole other post about where we got it, what we got, how the install goes, etc.

Coming Soon!

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