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Transcendence: Before Thoughts

I like to sometimes give my opinion on a movie or show before I watch it. It can be a fun compare and contrast later.

It is great when I am completely wrong and something that looked like a piece of shit was amazing. However, that does not happen a lot of the time. Usually it’s the opposite for example: Signs! I am still pissed off about that movie. It looked so scary, and then completely petered out.

With that being said I have been dragging my feet to watch, Transcendence. It has been at home from Netflix for over two weeks now.Transcendence

I love Johnny Depp movies. I haven’t seen them all, but I even like The Astronaut’s Wife that others’ hated. Come on people..he was hot! If nothing else let’s just go with that.

I don’t know a lot about this movie. I will watch trailers, but I avoid learning a lot about the story so I can have the full experience. All I think I know is that Johnny Depp’s character is some genius or smart dude, who is terminally ill, and “uploads” himself to the computer or network.  I do remember his hotness is really really low in the clips I saw. The only thing that won’t leave my mind when I think of Transcendence is Max Headroom.
MaxHeadroomI really hope I am wrong, and this is a great movie! Come back and read the After Thoughts!

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