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Throwback Thursday Holiday Cartoons


Well, lookie here! It’s Thursday and I’m actually writing the Throwback Thursday post.
Of course, my mind went blank when trying to think of what to talk about.

The holidays are on my mind with Thanksgiving next week and Christmas quickly approaching. I have certains show that must watches during the holidays.

This week our Throwback Thursday will focus on cartoons.

I grew up in the age on no remote controls, cartoons not on all day, and living in the country, no cable! We had an antenna! So, holiday cartoon specials were a treat.

My Three Must Watch Holiday Cartoons

1. Claymation Christmas

In case you don’t remember, but back in the day the California Raisins were the shit! They were Claymation and it was cool! This holiday special had the California Raisins, but many holiday songs. My favorite is probably the Carol of the Bells with this dumbbell (literal) who can’t keep with the song.

2. Garfield Christmas

I love Garfield! And now have my own fat, sassy orange cat (she is Princess). I like all the holiday specials with Garfield, but the Christmas one is great. They go back to the farm, and Jon’s family is an interesting bunch. Gotta love that Grandma!

3. Spongebob Christmas

Great episode where Spongebob learns about Chrissssmaaaasss as Sandy says. They decorate, write lists, and wait all night. No Santa..not until Squidward uncharacteristically steps up in his place.

Yes, there is no Peanuts special on here! I really have never carried for the comic or its specials. That little Lucy is a bitch to the poor depressing Charlie Brown (and that sick ass stick tree). If it wasn’t for would be a loss.

(Always my own opinions. Affiliate links added.)

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