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Throwback Thursday (TV and Tom Hanks)


You know what I miss?

I miss Tom Hanks when he was funny and goofy. Sure he is great in dramatic roles. It is nice to see that range with a comedic actor, but I still miss the good old days.BosomBuddies2

In particular I miss Bosom Buddies. This 1980’s sitcom ran for two seasons and starred Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari. The main idea was that this guys needed a cheap place to live, and only place that worked was for women only. So, what to do? Dress up as women (fairly ugly ones) and move in. BosomBuddies

It was a fun show with lots of high jinks with the guys pretending to be themselves and their own sisters. It was good fun! This is possibly what started my fascination with drag queens, and my wanting to be one myself (kinda tough being a woman).

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