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The Raft TV Series

I love survival shows like Naked and Afraid, The Island, Survivor (sorta survival show), and now The Raft.

The Raft TV series on National Geographic Channel on Tuesdays at 10/9C, but I found it while browsing on Hulu Plus. You have a simulated disaster that has left four people stranded in the Bermuda Triangle in a 4×4 life raft plus a camera man, who isn’t allowed to interact. There are actually two rafts in each episode, but they are hundreds of miles apart.

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

Photograph by National Geographic Channels

There are some items floating in the debris field they can grab on their way to their raft. They may get things like: flip flops, goggles, duct tape, towels, etc. They also have a ditch kit. The ditch kit normally contains: a sponge, fishing line, water bottle, and a desalinator (hand pumped water purifier). They have 6 days to survive before they will reach land, or they can tap out and call the Mother Ship.

No, they won’t float aimlessly forever. They have a sea anchor that keeps them going with the current. I am not a sailor or water person, so that’s all the explanation I have.

I have to say it is a pretty unique take on the reality survival shows. One thing I don’t like is that if your partner taps out so do you. I know some would have liked to stay alone and continue on.

Creativity is majorly in play on The Raft. How do you cook? How do you use the bathroom? How do you stand being in a raft for days with sharks and whatever else underneath you? Definitely worth checking out!

Here’s a clip of some ingenuity.

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