Breaking Up With Cable: Sling TV


So, we have Netflix,  Amazon Prime, and Hulu.  (Affiliate links for signing up are provided.)We have reached the point of having saved enough from cutting cable to pay off the new TV’s, antennas, cable, etc. We decided to give Sling TV a try. If we paid for 3 months in advance we could get the Roku 3 Read More

100 Days Later, Living without Cable

Okay, technically it has been 105 days, but close enough! We cut our cable on February 16, 2015! We have been doing well with our antennas. The Hubs managed to run one antenna through the existing coax boxes. I have to have him help me write a more detailed account of this. Here is a Read More

Living Without Cable: Two Weeks Later

We have been living without cable for two weeks now. We broke up with our cable company, and went to digital antennas and online streaming.  I have been posting a variety of posts sharing tips and information I have learned. It is going pretty good! I have plenty to watch still, and the cable bill dropped Read More