Grown Up Movie Night Reviews- Poltergeist (2015)


I have been slacking on my movie watching. I have some TV shows I have been binge watching that keeps me busy. I love to check out remakes and sequels of movies. I’m horribly guilty of comparing them, but sometimes the new ones can be pretty great. This week I got the new Poltergeist from Read More

Family Movie Night Reviews – Pixels


This Summer there were a lot of movies that came out, and we haven’t done a good job keeping up with them. I have been on a serious TV binge watching kick, so movies have taken a backseat. However, we luckily have a cheaper theater that movies go to before DVD release. We went there Read More

Grown Up Movie Night Reviews- Dracula Untold

Grown Up Movie Night Review- Dracula Untold The Hubs and I actually watched a grown up movie together this week! This is a rare occurrence. He doesn’t like horror flicks like me, and a lot of nights we are too tired to stay up and watch a movie after the kids go to bed. We Read More