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Survivor Worlds Apart

Survivor is coming back for its 100th season. (Exaggerating, but man there have been a lot of them!) The new season premieres on February 25, 2015 at 8/7c on CBS.

Truthfully, I have been getting bored with the show. Last season I just started skipping or fast forwarding through the episodes. It is really hard with shows like this, American Idol, Big Brother, etc. to change it up over and over.

I do have to say I’m kind of excited for this season. They are doing three tribes: White Collar (Rule Makers), Blue Collar (Rule Followers), and the No Collar (Rule Breakers). That’s how they basically described them all. There was a recent season of Brains, Beauty, and Brawn that this seems similar too. I do enjoy these divisions much more than Young vs. Old or Men vs. Women.

My Predictions:

I’m going to say at the get go with camp set up and basic survival the Blue Collar will do best. Challenges are very hard to predict. I’m thinking the No Collar being more “outside the box” thinkers could work best together. I think White Collar will have the most issues with “too many chiefs” syndrome and too many egos.

Who do you think will do best?

Here is a sneak peak of Survivor Worlds Apart.

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