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Summer 2015 TV Shows To Watch

2015SummerTVShowsToWatchI have been trying to keep up with my shows either watching live (rarely works for me), with Hulu, or online. The hardest to keep up on our the CBS shows since you can’t watch them on Hulu :(

There are other shows I really want to see, but being on premium it will be awhile (Ash Vs. Evil, The Strain, Penny Dreadful, Nurse Jackie)

Here is a list of the top of my head of all the shows I am watching and enjoying this Summer so far.


BigBrotherBig Brother on CBS Sunday and Wednesday 8/7C and Thursday 9/8C

It is truly Summer when Big Brother starts. I have watched since season 1.  This is the season of twists..the most ever it seems. You have Battle of the Block, Have Nots, Twin Twist, plus weekly celeb guests who bring their own twists. Hopefully this makes for some interesting game play.


CelebrityWifeSwap1Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC Wednesdays 10/9C

It is my trash show. I always have some kind of reality show the Hubs can’t figure out why I watch it. I don’t know either. I have always watched the Wife Swap shows. This season you have celebrities like Margaret Cho, Vince Neil, Charo, etc.





AstronautsWivesClubThe Astronauts Wives Club on ABC Thursday 8/7C

I recall reading that it was like Desperate Housewives. I find that insulting. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed and watched every episode of Desperate Housewives. That show as about sex, betrayal, gossip, and all that. Astronauts Wives (so far) is not that at all. This is set during the Race to Space in the 1960’s.  You are watching behind the scenes of how these astronaut were picked, and seen by the public. There was a lot of scrutiny and responsibility to portray a certain image in public by the men and their wives.

WaywardPinesWayward Pines on FOX Thursdays 9/8C

This is one of those “event” shows that is to only last 10 episodes. I think it’s still 50/50 on whether they do that or extend it into another season.

This is a great conspiracy type of show. You have Ethan working for FBI looking for a missing agent. He ends up in a car accident and finds himself stuck in Wayward Pines. All he wants to do is go home, but with a menacing fence and town sheriff preventing that he has to wonder why they are keeping the residents in. Or could it be what are they keeping out?

TheWhispersThe Whispers on ABC Mondays 10/9C

Children have imaginary friends, but when all the children have the same friend what does that mean? Drill likes to play games, and offers wonderful prizes to the children who play along. He may cure you or a loved one, or find someone you have lost. However, his games are very serious and dangerous.

I still think Drill is an alien. I don’t know how they will tie it all together. I love seeing  Milo Ventimiglia, who played Peter on Heroes on here plus Lily Rabe, who we know from American Horror Story!

Game Shows


AmericasGotTalentAmerica’s Got Talent on NBC Tuesdays 8/7C

If I am channel flipping and this is on I will watch it. I love the audition part, but the show itself drags on forever. They need to speed up the process a bit, or not let so many people through. Some acts there is no point, and if the purpose of the show is to find a Las Vegas act there are a bunch they could cut now.


American Ninja Warrior on NBC Mondays 8/7C

I catch this one, but don’t have it set up in Hulu or anything. It is a good show, and really shows the work people put into a goal. You see people you’d not expect making it to the end, and then the “favorites” who have a misstep and are out.


AAreYouSmarterThanAFifthGraderre you Smarter than a Fifth Grader? on FOX Tuesdays 8/7C

This one is a lot of fun to watch since we have a soon to be 2nd grader and 6th grader. It is a show where we can all answer questions and join in. Hosted again by Jeff Foxworthy there is an added element of contestants being able to win $10,000 for a chosen school.


BattleBotsBattlebots on ABC Sundays 9/8C

The hubs and I used to watch this. The kids enjoy the fights, but since it is very much a spectator show it isn’t one of our favorites.



BOOMBOOM! on FOX Thursdays 8/7C

This game show involves a group of three people. You each have to answer questions that are connected to a bomb. This bomb while not deadly is pretty gross. You answer wrong and expect to be spewed by anything from chocolate syrup to cottage cheese. What I like is that you get a set of answers, and you must clip all the wires for the Correct ones. That can get you to doubting yourself, plus the limited time you are given to do so.

BullseyeBullseye on FOX Wednesdays 9/8C

Cute show. Not sure how long this one will last. As the name implies you are trying to get bullseyes. Whether it is dropping targets while suspended from a helicopter to driving through them in a jeep. The kids enjoy the action.


MasterChefMasterChef on FOX Wednesdays 8/7C

If a show has Gordon Ramsey I am going to watch it! I just love him! He isn’t this always screaming, hot head Brit. We have home cooks experiences all kinds of challenges from working with unknown ingredients to serving hundreds of diners.


On my list to watch as soon as possible

ZooZoo on CBS Tuesdays 9/8C

I missed this premiere since we were out of town, and it is on CBS so I have to go online to watch it. It looks scary as hell. I never thought about how outnumbered we really are on this planet. I can’t wait to see what the story is, and really should check out the book as well.


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