Grown Up Movie Night Reviews- Poltergeist (2015)

I have been slacking on my movie watching. I have some TV shows I have been binge watching that keeps me busy. I love to check out remakes and sequels of movies. I’m horribly guilty of comparing them, but sometimes the new ones can be pretty great. This week I got the new Poltergeist from Read More

Family Movie Night Reviews – Pixels

This Summer there were a lot of movies that came out, and we haven’t done a good job keeping up with them. I have been on a serious TV binge watching kick, so movies have taken a backseat. However, we luckily have a cheaper theater that movies go to before DVD release. We went there Read More

FOX 2015 Fall TV Previews

Who knew there were so many new TV shows every Fall? It is pretty crazy, when you look over all of the networks. It was also more time consuming than I expected. If you would like to see what ABC, NBC, and CBS are planning for the Fall just click on the links. ABC 2015 Read More