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Orange is the New Black

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I am loving the Netflix Originals! I watched Hemlock Grove first, and recently Orange is the New Black (watch a trailer on the site) came out. I am currently on episode 4 of this first season. If Netflix keeps this up with making their own shows it will be yet another reason to keep my membership there.
What’s it about?

This show is centered around Piper who is in prison for carrying drug money for her ex-girlfriend. She moved on in her life, is engaged to Larry, but turned herself in to serve a 15 month prison sentence. She is completely out of element and learning the rules of prison life (Sometimes the hard way. You’ll never look at Egg McMuffins the same.)

Updated (8/9/13)

I just found out today through Twitter that Orange is the New Black is based (there is creative license taken) on the memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman. Since I have now finished Season 1 and have a bit of a wait for Season 2 (Filming has begun) it would be the perfect time to read it!

What kind of show is it?

Definitely not for kids! There is a lot of nudity (first episode full of boobs), sexual references, language, and sexual content. I would call it a drama/comedy. There are a lot of serious subjects being touched on, and I’m sure will be revisited. There is also a lot of humor. I appreciate the humor. Even in the shittiest situation if you can find some humor you can survive it!


I am enjoying this show. It is not a fluff type.  You have to pay attention. There are a lot of characters! We learn their stories bit by bit through flashbacks.

I am curious how long this show can continue since her prison sentence is just 15 months. I repeat have NOT seen the whole season, but I will guess that she will get some time added to her sentence by behavior in prison (probably not really her fault).

They were in or on…

I do this in every movie and TV show I watch. I spot people from other movies/show and point it out. Hubs says it’s my superpower. Someday all this trivia in my head will pay off!

First spotting was the actress playing Piper (Taylor Schilling). She was on a TV show called, Mercy(NBC). It didn’t last long, but I really enjoyed it. She was a nurse, whose personal life was all screwed up after returning from Iraq, but she was likable.

Piper’s fiancé, Larry (Jason Biggs) is our next spotting. He is most definitely known for American Pie , and his disturbing rendezvous with an apple pie. Never understood that, and never will.

Another face I recognized was Nicky (Natasha Lyonne). The only thing I knew she had been in Slums of Beverly Hills, but she has been in a lot more things. More would know her from the movie,  American Pie.nicky

Then there was Alex (Laura Prepon). She was Hannah on October Road (ABC), which was a great drama. It ended suddenly, but the creators added a final episode on the DVD release to help tie up the show. You also may know her as Donna from That ’70s Show.alex

 Then the best siting of all! I saw Red (Kate Mulgrew). She was Captain Janeway on Star Trek Voyager! I was sold once I saw her and knew I would have to watch the whole season.


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