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Nurse Jackie, Love Her or Hate Her?

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I needed something for my Netflix Queue so I put in Nurse Jackie Season 1 Disk 1. I had heard of the show, but never watched it before. All I knew going in was the obvious that she was a nurse. I did know that she was a drug addict of some sort as well.

Background and Tidbits

Nurse Jackie is on Showtime and on Season 5 now. It stars Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie. Falco is most famous for being on The Sopranos. I didn’t even watch The Sopranos, but even I know that.nursejackie

Only other person I knew was Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Cooper “Coop” (not to be confused with the neurotic but hilarious Dr. Sheldon Cooper fromThe Big Bang Theory). I shouldn’t even have to write this, but he also played Carlisle Cullen in Twilight. He was the best looking vampire of them all in that movie series (Yes I mean more than Pattinson and Stewart)cooper

I thought I would give it a chance, because I loved House, M.Dhouse
If you are not familiar, House, was a doctor addicted to pain pills for a leg injury he had for years. He practiced medicine, but more as a diagnostician in an office (little human and you’ll see why).

Anyway, I was going to give her a chance regardless of the drug part until I got more of her story.

What’s it about?

What I am writing is only based on the first four episodes of Season 1.

Nurse Jackie is an Emergency Room nurse. She is great at her job. She can diagnosis things the doctors sometimes miss or that the patients don’t want to tell her, and she doesn’t take crap (or inappropriate boob grab) from anyone either. grabbingJust ask the asshole who liked to cut up prostitutes..Jackie flushed his severed ear down the toilet. True…that would be a “no-no” in the real world, but certainly something we would to do!

Jackie has an issue though. Apparently she has back trouble, and being in her line of work that would most likely end her career…so “Hello Vicodin!” (or whatever pain pill she’s snorting here).druggie1
The ones she can’t snort she is quite creative with it…crushed up in sugar packets. It was a good idea until her boss took a packet.sweetnall

How does she get her pain pills? From a doctor friend? Nope! Her “boyfriend” is the hospital pharmacist, and I really don’t think he has any concern she may be addicted to the medicine.

So Jackie has a tough job, but she’s trying to make the best of it. Then she heads home from work to two adorable girls and come to find out….a husband!! Damn..I was liking her too even with the drug use!husband

We find that out in the first episode, and I continued to watch. It seems the Pharmacist dude is purely for convenience, and has no idea she’s married. She pulls the old “take off the ring” trick at work.ring

Final Thoughts

I want to hate her…I want to like her! She has some pretty blatant flaws like people do in the real world. Will I stop watching? Probably not. She isn’t full-on evil. I want to see more…see if she tries to redeem herself. I guess I always hope people will try to right their wrongs! Plus there are other characters that are intriguing and’s worth a season to see where it goes! Can’t be that bad if it’s still going in its fifth season, right?

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