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New Season of Celebrity Apprentice

I have always loved The Apprentice. I enjoyed the regular one with Donald Trump, the Martha Stewart one, and celebrity versions.  One of the things I enjoyed about the reality competition shows like The Apprentice isn’t as focused on popularity  like Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, Big Brother can be. Sure, you can try to force fire   someone you dislike, but The Donald may say “Screw it” and fire your own ass (Talking to you Kevin Jonas).

Tcalogohis is the 7th season of The Celebrity Apprentice. It airs on Mondays 8/7c on NBC. There have been two episodes with three challenges and three celebrities fired so far. Rewatch the first two episodes here.

In case you’ve missed the other seasons, basically celebrities (term used loosely) come together and compete like The Apprentice. Instead of trying to win a job with Trump they are winning cash for charities.

Some tasks are all about fund raising, and there can be some huge amounts of case generated. Other tasks are more creative and judged on an end result.

With celebrities you have a lot of ego (Geraldo for sure this season) and drama on teams.

We are currently watching a Men vs. Women set up on the show. The bios of the celebrities can be found here.

The Men’s Team (Vortex) has on it:

Terrell Owens, Lorenzo Lamas, Geraldo Rivera, Johnny Damon, Gilbert Gottfried, Ian Zierling, Sig Hansen, and Kevin Jonas

The Women’s Team (Infinity) has on it:

Vivica A. Fox, Shawn Johnson, Kenya Moore, Leeza Gibbons, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Brandi Glanville, Kate Gosselin, and Jamie Anderson

Fired so far:

1. Keisha Knight Pulliam
2. Kevin Jonas
3. Gilbert Gottfried


Initial thoughts:

Geraldo is a bulldozer, and total annoyance. I can’t wait for him to go, but being too fast and bringing him back to the Boardroom too early bites you in the ass as Kevin Jonas learned. Geraldo has a very good chance of winning the whole thing with his connections and strong personality, which I hate.
The other strong player is Leeza Gibbons. She is smart, calm, and has a shit load of connections. I think (and hope) she can win it!

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