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Family Movie Night Reviews-Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


We are trying to get back to our weekly movie nights. We have been doing this for last four to five years. It has been getting harder to get movies that a 6 year old girl and 11 year old boy will agree on. She wants to watch any and all things Batman. He would rather watch Hunger Games, Godzilla, or something like that. We are caught on most of the current animated movies, so we are working our way back to some movies the Hubs and I enjoyed in the past.

This week’s movie is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure(1989 rated PG) . As my son said, ” We are watching an old timey movie”.  Yes, it is older but far from the black and white days.

Gotta love the late 80’s high tech graphics! Graphics


Bill S. Preston, Esquire and his buddy, Ted “Theodore” Logan live in San Dimas, California. They are fairly dim witted high school students with dreams of hitting the big time with their band, Wyld Stallyns. It would help if they could actually play their guitars, but it doesn’t phase them.
With a failing History class and Ted’s father threatening to ship him off to Alaska to military school looming over their heads they are in serious danger of never fulfilling their dream and changing the course of history. It seems that Bill and Ted are not just slackers, but are very important to the future of mankind. A guide named Rufus shows up with a time traveling telephone booth (I’m not making this stuff up) to help them finish their history report and keep Ted from having to leave. Off Bill and Ted go throughout history kidnapping historical figures for their oral history report.

Who’s In It:

Bill is played by Alex Winter, and Ted is played by Keanu Reeves.
Rufus is played by the late, great George Carlin.

The Real Deal:

Writing what this movie is about doesn’t really tell how funny it is. There is a lot of physical humor and jut plan fun. Seeing historical figures like Beethoven, Socrates, or Napoleon in modern day is pretty funny. My favorite scenes still are Napoleon having a tantrum in a bowling alley shouting “Shit” in French.

Family Thoughts:

There is some language. That is the risk of the 80’s movies and PG ratings. The beginning of the movie moves a bit slow for the kids, but once we got to the travelling and the historical characters they really enjoyed it. We thought it was a most excellent movie, and not bogus or heinous in any way!

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