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I refuse to watch If I Stay

IfIStayWhy I just can’t and won’t watch If I Stay?

Pretty simple…it’s going to be a downer!!

I’m not giving away anything here, but if you have seen a preview or two you get the jist.
The girl is in a car accident with her parents. The parents are killed and she is inbetween life and death. I can barely watch the trailer!

So either she dies and the boyfriend whatever and her future are gone or she lives and deals with the tragedy of her parents and whatever injuries she may have had.

Either way to quote Ozzy Osbourne when he had his reality show, “This will end in fucking tears!”

I hate to cry! I especially hate to cry in movies in front of strangers!

I used to watch dramas, but after having kids my emotions are so freaking raw. I can’t take those movies.

Hell, even the ends of Dexter, Big Love, and Breaking Bad made me all teary eyed and shit. Oh God, I watched A I while pregnant…WORST IDEA EVER!! I’m surprised I’m not still crying over that sad ass robot boy just wanting to be loved!

So if you come looking for information on tear jerkers and that you will rarely if ever find any (pre kids probably).

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