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Guardians of the Galaxy


I first heard about Guardians of the Galaxy on Facebook. First thoughts: What the hell is this? I had never heard of them, and to see a tree, a raccoon, a green chick, a gray and red dude, and some joe blow I wasn’t impressed. I completely dismissed this movie.

Fast forward to when my son and I went to see Godzilla. Here comes a preview for Guardians of the Galaxy (rated PG-13). I was sold. Why? Two things: 1. Star Lord flipping off the police and 2. Hooked on a Feeling – Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) I am a sucker for a movie with good music and some humor.

We went to see it last night with the kids…loved it!! The movie is two hours long, but it never lags. It is action packed! You’ve got explosions, fights, and battles everywhere. Plus you have a variety of humor. There are innuendos for us grown ups and slap stick for the kids. I will have another post about this movie and all the trivia and tidbits I noticed during it, but had to keep quiet (so hard to do!!)

There was some cursing, but my kids didn’t seem to notice too much. What I recall was : 2 shits, 1 bat shit crazy, 1 jackasses, 3 dicks, 1 whore, and maybe 1 bitch…plus two flip offs. Not bad for PG-13 and Marvel.

I would go see it again right now it was that much fun. I cannot wait to buy it on DVD and there has to be a sequel!!

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