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Grown Up Movie Night Reviews- Poltergeist (2015)



I have been slacking on my movie watching. I have some TV shows I have been binge watching that keeps me busy. I love to check out remakes and sequels of movies. I’m horribly guilty of comparing them, but sometimes the new ones can be pretty great.

This week I got the new Poltergeist from 2015 (rated PG-13, 94 minutes)


The story is fairly simple. You have a family that moves into a new home (one they can afford), it just happens to be on top of a former cemetery. That would make you think the bodies were moved..don’t count on it (cheap asses). So things start to happen, and it escalated pretty quickly. This is not a haunting, where it is a memory being relived over and over. This is a poltergeist. A poltergeist will interact and harm.


It was good. It was not great, and I don’t think it was better than the original. Sam Rockwell did an okay job as the dad, but I think Craig T. Nelson wins that hands down. It had some scares, but lacked that suspense like the original had. Perhaps that is because we all know Poltergeist. It just seemed that this one jumped in real fast to the shit hitting the fan. They did try to change up things a little, but the you still had key scenes you’d remember from the first. Ugh..clown dolls…bad!

I would say watch both of them, but the first one is a much better scary movie experience!

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