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Grown Up Movie Night Reviews- Jack Frost


Jack Frost


Disclaimer: I will watch just about any horror movie no matter how crappy the rating is, or how stupid it sounds. Plus I had a hell of a cold this week and was loopy!

This is NOT the back from the dead snowman dad movie with Michael Keaton!
This Jack Frost(Rated R, 90 minutes) is killer snowman…yep you read that right.


Jack Frost is a serial killer on his way to being executed. I don’t know why he’s in the back of a police van traveling TO his execution. I would think if he was such a psycho he would be at a prison that could go ahead and do the job. Anywho…there is a snowstorm, an accident with a truck containing some experimental genetic chemicals…badda bing badda bang you got Jack Frost. Jack is on a mission for revenge against the sheriff who caught him, and is killing everyone in his way.


Okay, it is ridiculous I know! The snowman is rubbery looking, and nothing like the cover at all!
JackFrostCollageThe movie is super cheesy, and not very scary. How scary can you get with a killer snowman. I do have to say the whole snow thing was intriguing, because in this case he could change from water to snow at will. The other thing was how do you destroy something like that? You melt the snow..he becomes water, and refreezes. Steam the same thing will happen. It is like Return of the Living Dead and their issues with destroying the zombies.  It is definite B-movie horror type, good for a goofy night that you don’t want to be truly scared.

Here is a scary thing, there is a sequel!! The even scarier thing is that I will watch it. Damn sequels..I have a compulsion to watch them all.
Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman

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