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Fresh Off the Boat

FreshOfftheBoatFresh Off the Boat is a new ABC comedy on  Tuesdays at 8/7c .

It is the 1990’s, and the Huang family have moved from Washington DC’s Chinatown to Orlando, Florida. The dad wants to make his own name and not work for family, so he has bought a Western style restaurant. The series follows the family trying to fit in to such a different area, start a new business, and raise a family.

The show is based on the memoir written by Eddie Huang.

There are a lot of articles stating how unhappy he was with the process, but if you read the article at Vulture you will see he had concerns and reactions. His family isn’t a 100% happy , perfect  sitcom type. There are darker times in his life, but when you are doing a comedy you can’t throw that all out there in the first episode. There were compromises, but I would really like to read his book and see the whole story.

My Thoughts:

I wasn’t intending to watch this show. I figured it was going to be extremely stereotypical and just go for the easy,cheap laughs. Probably some of the things Huang was worried about himself.
I ended up on an episode, and was in love with it! You have this very traditional family, which I relate to having a Dad who was 40 years old  when I was born and quite old fashioned. Then you have this one son, Eddie, who loves Hip Hop and is such a confident kid and doing his own thing.
What sells me on a show are the characters, the chemistry, and interactions. I gotta say the mom, Constance, stole the show! Maybe because I have high standards for my kids I loved her. She is a strong woman, and her hitting those punks with her van (wonder if that was true) was great!

I really enjoyed it and look forward to the rest of the season!

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