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FOX 2015 Fall TV Previews


Who knew there were so many new TV shows every Fall? It is pretty crazy, when you look over all of the networks. It was also more time consuming than I expected.

If you would like to see what ABC, NBC, and CBS are planning for the Fall just click on the links.
ABC 2015 Fall TV Previews
NBC 2015 Fall Previews
CBS 2015 Fall TV Previews
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FOX 2015 Fall Previews


This is animated show is from Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy ), and is set in a town on the border of Mexico and America. It is focused on two families…a Mexican one and an American one. It looks like a pretty funny, not kid friendly show. It will offend I’m sure by making fun of border control and the over the top stereotypical characters. Some for entertainment and some to show how dumb it is to have those views.

Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life
Coming To FOX 2016

This sitcom is about a bunch of guys freshly out of college living together. I notice it is has Meaghan Rath in it, which is interesting. She is also starring in the new NBC show, Truth Be Told. Anyway, this is going to have some very expected scenes. It has The Hangover vibe to it, but worth a shot for a few laughs.

TUE 8/7c SEPT 29

This sitcom stars John Stamos. Depending on your age you may remember him as Blackie from General Hospital in the 80’s or Uncle Jesse from Full Housein the 90s, or the Dannon Oikos commercial guy. Grandfathered also stars Josh Peck from Drake & Josh. Stamos plays Jimmy, who is a lifelong bachelor. In one day he finds out he is a dad and grandfather all at once. This is a big punch in the throat for a selfish bachelor. I will check it out for Stamos!

The Grinder
TUE 8:30/7:30c SEPT 29

This sitcom stars Fred Savage (Wonder Years) and Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation , Brothers & Sisters , and so much more). The two play brothers. Savage’s character is a lawyer, and Lowe’s character played one on a TV show called The Grinder. Savage is a good lawyer, but horrible at presenting in court. Lowe comes along, thinks he can be a lawyer as well with his brother. Looks like he will help Savage’s character gain confidence, and Lowe’s will mature. Predictable, but I have enjoyed Rob Lowe is other shows that I will give him a chance.

Coming To FOX 2016

Two scientists a man back to life to save in this action drama. There is a Frankenstein feel, but instead of bringing him back “as is” he has been improved. He is a 75 year old mind in a 35 year old body. He is brought back to save the life of one of the scientists, Mary, who is dying. However, he is a thinking being. He wants to fix the mistakes he made in his previous life. This should be interesting. Who doesn’t love another take on the Frankenstein classic?


Apparently things get boring in Hell, so Lucifer left and has gone to where he can have some fun, L.A. He is now the owner of an upscale nightclub. Hell wants him back, but he doesn’t care to go. I’m a bit confused on who’s in charge of Hell. Lucifer brings up his father being upset. I always understood it that Lucifer was an angel, so God would be his father. I thought Lucifer was in charge of Hell. Ok..this could go on forever. Somehow he becomes an aid to the police after someone is gunned down at his nightclub. So, I guess we’re going to give him a heart. I don’t know how this will all play out, or for how long it can go on. It could be interesting if done right. It is a tough one, because he is obviously a very well known character.

Minority Report
MON 9/8c SEPT 21

It would probably help me understand the show better if I had seen the movie first (Minority Report). What I understand is that there were kids who were gifted or altered. They could see crimes in the future. I am not sure if it was a guarantee that they would happen or probable. The kids have been separated and grown up. They aren’t supposed to do this anymore, but we have one of the grown kids who still is. He wants to stop what he sees happening from coming true.

WED 8/7c SEPT 23

This crime drama is about a medical examiner, Dr. Rosewood. He lives in Miami, performs private (I assume highly expensive) autopsies for clients to uncover clues the police can’t see. He is as cocky as he is smart and talented. He is obsessed with death, because he doesn’t have a lot of time himself. This looks pretty good..he gives off a House vibe.

Scream Queens
TUE 8/7c SEPT 22

This comedy horror series looks great! It is set on a college campus. The sorority is having open pledge to everyone (thinkRevenge of the Nerds), but some Red Devil is going around killing off the bitchy girls. I really am looking forward to this. First, we have scream queen (well, daughter of the original scream queen) Jamie Lee Curtis. Then we have Emma Roberts, who did such a good job being a bitch on American Horror Story: Coven she will do fabulous here.

The X-Files
Premieres Sun JAN 24 (2016)

YES!! I can’t wait for The X-Files. I admit I skipped out of the original series around the time I think Scully was pregnant and Mulder wasn’t around. The show went down there, but before that it was so good! I have restarted the series and hope to finish by January. The X-Files brought you creepy, unexplainable stuff with conspiracies thrown in the mix. Plus no one minded looking at David Duchovny” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>David Duchovny either. I can’t wait to see where this picks up, what has happened in this missing time, and what happens next! No trailer yet…just short clips.

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