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First Thoughts on Penny Dreadful

Let me start this with saying I was super excited to see this show. I didn’t know anything about it, but it had a creepy look to it that normals makes for a great show (i.e. American Horror Story, The Strain, Helix, Bates Motel, etc.)

I started watching the first episode yesterday of Penny Dreadful (Showtime), and learned pretty quickly that I will need to pay attention to this show to have any idea what’s going on.

First thoughts on those 30 minutes (give or take) I saw?

1. Enjoyed Josh Hartnett being cast in this. He is nice to look at, and has a Jonathan HarkerĀ  (Dracula) vibe to him. Maybe that’s just because the show started off with vampires (what else..who knows!).

Image from Showtime

Image from Showtime

2. This Vanessa chick has one look on her face all the time. It felt soooo terribly fake and over the top. I hope I grow to not be annoyed by this.

Image from Showtime

Image from Showtime

However, now that I have been on IMDb to get names and facts I see how many episodes actors have been in a series so I’m worried that #1 won’t be a factor for long!

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