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Family Movie Night Reviews – Pixels



This Summer there were a lot of movies that came out, and we haven’t done a good job keeping up with them. I have been on a serious TV binge watching kick, so movies have taken a backseat. However, we luckily have a cheaper theater that movies go to before DVD release. We went there Saturday to see Pixels. I heard this was one to watch on the big screen. That is debatable…you aren’t going to be missing much watching at home other than some serious noise. Probably didn’t help the all day headache I was dealing with.

Pixels (PG-13, 106 minutes)



We have the story of aliens that viewed a friendly message we sent of video games from the 1980’s as a declaration of war. We will never learn about contacting aliens..always ends badly. Just happens that the President’s (Kevin James) childhood friend, Brenner (Adam Sandler), is a master 80’s arcade gamer. Add in their odd side kick, Ludlow and their rival “Fire Blaster” these guys are putting their arcade skills to work to battle Centipede, PacMan, Galaga,Donkey Kong, plus cameos of many other games.


No big shocker how this will is PG-13, so we aren’t going to have Earth destroyed. Imagine the tears! This was a fun flick. The Hubs and I are children of the 80’s so it is familiar to us. I will admit I wasn’t an arcade kid, so I’m not as familiar with the games as he was. The kids knew some of the character, but there is enough action to keep them entertained. I wasn’t sure if I would like Adam Sandler in this. I haven’t watched him much since the Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy (great one) and Billy Madison years. I did like him..he wasn’t that goofy character we saw so much. That was nice, and I will probably check out some of his other stuff I’ve skipped.

One of the funniest moments had to be with Peter Dinklage as Eddie, and his whole wanting a Serena Williams/Martha Stewart “sandwich” was hilarious. Don’t worry it went over kids’ heads!

We only had one issue with the movie at the end involving Q-bert (no spoiler) that we didn’t care for. Other than that this was one we all liked!

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