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Family Movie Night Reviews – Inside Out



Getting back in the post-vacation groove with an overdue Family Movie Night Review. This week’s movie was Inside Out(PG 94 minutes).


Inside of all of our are a mixture of emotions. You have: Fear, Joy, Anger, Sadness, and Disgust. These emotions help with your day to day decision making, but also are tied to your memories that make you…you.
Inside Out mainly focuses on Riley, who has had to move to a new city and start all over. As a child this is not the easiest thing to deal with.
Her main emotion, Joy, wants Riley always happy no matter what, and to make the best of the new situation. Joy does he hardest to keep all the other emotions on the backburner. However, things can go wrong and do, Riley and Joy both have to learn something about feelings and how to deal with them.

As we, Joy, and Riley all learn throughout the movie you can’t always be happy. There are times you have to let sadness in and deal with it.


I wanted to see this movie since the first trailer of the parents at the table, and seeing in their heads, plus some Aerosmith didn’t hurt. The movie was entertaining for sure, but also I liked the message. It is okay to be sad, and to rely on those who love us when we need some support. And Amy Poehler as Joy was a perfect choice. Joy was the animated version of Leslie Knope  from Parks and Recreation.

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