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David to Dexter: Six Feet Under Dexter

I loved Dexter (Showtime series from 2006-2013), and miss the show so much!! I have watched the whole series and then started over is that good! I started reading the books (Jeff Lindsay) and will go back to that sometime, but the show didn’t follow the books.

I’m on Amazon Prime checking out shows I had never watched. I got hooked on Big Love (and watched 5 seasons in a few weeks) and now Six Feet Under.

Gotta say it is a quirky show, but I guess a family drama set in a mortuary would be.

Michael C. Hall plays David Fisher on Six Feet Under (HBO series from 2001-2005). His father dies in the first episode which brings his brother back home (played by Peter Krause) and they end up inheriting the family business.

There are some odd bits where all of the characters “see” dead people. Not a Ghost Whisperer or “I see dead people” thing,  but in their imagination like Ally McBeal.

I’m only on Season 1 of Six Feet Under. It is weird watching Michael C. Hall in this after Dexter. There are getting to be more similarities as I watch.

One funny difference to me is that David is romantically involved with a bald, African American police officer, Keith Charles (Mathew St. Patrick).
Funny because on Dexter, there was also an African American police officer, James Doakes (Erik King), who despised Dexter and called him a freak all the time.  Doakes was in the books by Lindsay so it wasn’t a nod to Six Feet Under but amuses me still.JamesDoakesDexter

Today while I watching Six Feet Under while working on my other site I got a glimpse of another side of David that reminded me greatly of Dexter, and I enjoyed that so much!DavidDexterCollage
And David bowls just like Dexter! This post will never end if I don’t stop now.  I am going to be looking for reminders of Dexter for these 5 seasons of Six Feet Under.

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