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CBS 2015 Fall TV Previews

One of my favorite things is seeing the clips for the upcoming showing, and judging picking out which ones I will watch! (post contains affiliate links, but all of my own opinions and random bits) Keep in mind these are my initial opinions of these shows purely from the clips below. Sure, I could do a 180 on ya later and end up loving the ones I hate now, or vice versa…we will see!

Here are the CBS 2015 Fall TV Previews:

Angel From Hell
Premieres Thursday, Nov 5 9:30/8:30c

Dermatologist Allison (Maggie Lawson) runs into this seemingly crazy lady, Amy (Jane Lynch), who turns out to be her guardian angel.

Who doesn’t love Jane Lynch? Of course we all know her as Coach Sue Sylvester from Glee. She just has this wit, and way about her…I anticipate many funny things and quotable dialogue.  I totally want her as my guardian angel!

If Maggie Lawson looks familiar she was Detective Juliet O’Hara on Psych. She is cast as the pretty “straight man” in this, and has a likeable presence, and a good chemistry with Lynch.

Life In Pieces
Premieres Monday, Sept. 21 8:30/7:30c

I should’ve known this show had a connection to Modern Family(same director). Life In Pieces is a comedy about one family, but told in variety of shorter stories…yeah, Modern Family. I am not surprised CBS is trying to get a show like that. ABC hit a gold mine with Modern Family, and it is a definite favorite of mine.

Casting is crucial in a family comedy. Life In Pieces has a couple bigger names: James Brolin (The Amityville Horror , Hotel, plus much more) and Dianne Wiest (Parenthood, Footloose, Edward Scissorhands, and more).

I just don’t feel the humor and kinda don’t care. Perhaps they went with Brolin for nostalgia like Ed O’Neill on Modern Family and Craig T. Nelson on Parenthood , but he is lacking the fatherly vibe I want. The funniest part was the woman with the mirror after she had a baby, but the funeral themed birthday! Locked in a casket is a definite gag, and too desperate for a laugh.

Premieres Mon., Oct. 26 8:30/7:30c

I’m in love with this one! First off I was eh about the idea, but then the clip played. I like the story. In case you don’t know Superman had a cousin who came to Earth when their planet was dying. She too lives the double life of mild mannered human and superhero. This one just looks so good, partly because there has always been a lack of female superheroes, and I have a soft spot for Supermanmovies of the 70’s-80’s and the Supergirl movie.

I like that Kara “Supergirl” isn’t hiding her identity as much or as long as Superman did. I knew the actress, Melissa Benoist, looked familiar. She was in Glee around the time I quit watching, but she played Marley Rose. I love Calista Flockhart in her bitchy boss role, and “Jimmy” James Olson is HOT! I was also happy to see Chyler Leigh. I really liked her on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Lexie Grey, and really thought that Taxi Brooklyn show she looked idiotic. This looks like a better fit!

Code Black
Premieres Wed., Sept. 30 10/9c

Code Black feels like a mix of the most intense episodes of ER and Grey’s Anatomy. It is very high energy and intense. Code Black means “In the ER when there are more patients than resources”. I would call that when the shit hits the fan. This show is inspired by the documentary, Code Black, that followed doctors in America’s busiest emergency room in Los Angeles County Hospital. It looks like a good show, but it really may be too intense for me to watch some weeks. I think it is going to be one that works the emotions a lot!

I didn’t recognize a lot of the actors other than Marcia Gay Harden , who has a starring role in this as Leanne Rorish and Luis Guzmán as Jesse Sallander.

Premieres Tue., Sep. 22 10/9c

This one is inspired by the movie, Limitless, which was a good flick even with Bradley Cooper in it. Basically there is a drug you can take that let’s you use 100% of your brain. This makes you able to learn faster, better, and basically know everything! The uses of this are for lack of a better word, limitless. Looks like a fun crime, conspiracy type, thriller.

Other than Bradley Cooper right off the bat, the first person to jump out for me was Jennifer Carpenter, who was Debra Morgan on Dexter. (Man I miss that show!)

So there’s the new Fall CBS shows for 2015. My must sees of these are definitely Supergirl and Angel from Hell. Limitless in a close third with Code Black following and Life In Pieces at the bottom of my list.

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