Supernatural (TV series)

I binged watched the first 7 seasons of  Supernatural (TV Series) on Netflix. I seriously get spoiled watching shows a whole season at a commercials and no cliff hangers! I got all caught up and was going to record them on my DVR. Then there was some drama with TV networks and the channel  was Read More

Girl Friday- Before all the reality shows

Every network has a reality show (or six). I watch quite a few of them from the obnoxious Housewives to the competition based ones. This is before all of that happened. Before Survivor, The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice, Big Brother, Doomsday Preppers, and so on. Survivor started in 2000 with Jeff Probst on CBS. Before that there Read More

Nurse Jackie, Love Her or Hate Her?

(Posts may contain affiliate links or ads..see Disclosure) I needed something for my Netflix Queue so I put in Nurse Jackie Season 1 Disk 1. I had heard of the show, but never watched it before. All I knew going in was the obvious that she was a nurse. I did know that she was a Read More