Grown Up Movie Night Reviews- Poltergeist (2015)

I have been slacking on my movie watching. I have some TV shows I have been binge watching that keeps me busy. I love to check out remakes and sequels of movies. I’m horribly guilty of comparing them, but sometimes the new ones can be pretty great. This week I got the new Poltergeist from Read More

Grown Up Movie Night Reviews- Jack Frost

Jack Frost   Disclaimer: I will watch just about any horror movie no matter how crappy the rating is, or how stupid it sounds. Plus I had a hell of a cold this week and was loopy! This is NOT the back from the dead snowman dad movie with Michael Keaton! This Jack Frost(Rated R, Read More

Grown Up Movie Night Reviews- Dracula Untold

Grown Up Movie Night Review- Dracula Untold The Hubs and I actually watched a grown up movie together this week! This is a rare occurrence. He doesn’t like horror flicks like me, and a lot of nights we are too tired to stay up and watch a movie after the kids go to bed. We Read More