Throwback Thursday (TV Show Connections)

My favorite thing is recognizing people on shows. Especially when it has taken me seasons to do so. This week’s Throwback Thursday is the connection between Six Feet Under and American Horror Story Asylum and American Horror Story Freak Show. I have been watching Six Feet Under for months now. All I have left is Read More

American Horror Story, Freak Show

American Horror Story, Freak Show Premieres Wednesday, October 8, 2014 on FX. This is the fourth season of American Horror Story. Don’t worry if this is your first season watching (Do go watch the previous seasons). The nice thing about this series is that each season is a new story with new people, but some Read More

The Strain and The Silence of the Lambs

Heads up! This may have some images not for younger eyes. The Strain is most definitely not a show for kids! Each episode has at least Language and Violence warnings, and I would highly suggest you heed those. I don’t know what age this show is good for, but my 39 year old husband won’t Read More