Six Feet Under Series Finale

Holy shit!! Whew!! I just watched the Six Feet Under series finale.  I’m probably still red eyed while typing this. I hope to not think too much of the finale and get crying again. Maybe because it’s been a long two weeks (Who am I kidding? More like two months) and I’m tired and blah Read More

I refuse to watch If I Stay

Why I just can’t and won’t watch If I Stay? Pretty simple…it’s going to be a downer!! I’m not giving away anything here, but if you have seen a preview or two you get the jist. The girl is in a car accident with her parents. The parents are killed and she is inbetween life Read More

David to Dexter: Six Feet Under Dexter

I loved Dexter (Showtime series from 2006-2013), and miss the show so much!! I have watched the whole series and then started over is that good! I started reading the books (Jeff Lindsay) and will go back to that sometime, but the show didn’t follow the books. I’m on Amazon Prime checking out shows Read More