Fresh Off the Boat

Fresh Off the Boat is a new ABC comedy on  Tuesdays at 8/7c . It is the 1990’s, and the Huang family have moved from Washington DC’s Chinatown to Orlando, Florida. The dad wants to make his own name and not work for family, so he has bought a Western style restaurant. The series follows the family Read More

Throwback Thursday (TV and Tom Hanks)

You know what I miss? I miss Tom Hanks when he was funny and goofy. Sure he is great in dramatic roles. It is nice to see that range with a comedic actor, but I still miss the good old days. In particular I miss Bosom Buddies. This 1980’s sitcom ran for two seasons and Read More

Guardians of the Galaxy

I first heard about Guardians of the Galaxy on Facebook. First thoughts: What the hell is this? I had never heard of them, and to see a tree, a raccoon, a green chick, a gray and red dude, and some joe blow I wasn’t impressed. I completely dismissed this movie. Fast forward to when my Read More