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Breaking Bad

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I binged watched Breaking Bad Seasonthis past year. I had seen it talked about so much thought I should give it a shot. Of course when I started it was nearing the end..ugh! There goes Breaking Bad, Dexter, and soon True Blood! What in the world am I going to pine over when I am watching for DVD releases.Breakingbad-EW-COVER-1276

Just a little rundown about what the show is.

Breaking Badaired on AMC for fives season. Don’t worry it had a true finale. It wasn’t just cut off at the end of a season (Thank goodness..I hate when they do that).

Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) is a high school Chemistry teacher by day¬†and a meth maker at night. It didn’t start off like that. Walter was working his ass off as a teacher and at a car wash, but life turned when he was diagnosed with cancer. He was given very little hope for survival. Not only did Walter have himself to care for he also has a son with Cerebral Palsy and a pregnant wife.

What would happen after he was gone? How would they afford to live? Thanks to a casual conversation and ride along with his brother-in-law, Hank, a DEA agent. (Played by Dean Norris, who is Big Jim in Under The Dome on CBS) He learns about the money Meth producers can make and a dealer he happens to know, Jesse (a former student of his).

You can imagine making Meth has some definite cons: drug dealers, dangerous chemicals, the police, hiding from others, etc.

Gotta say for most of the series I liked Walter. I couldn’t help it…he was wanting to take care of his family, but in a horrible way. Later Walter changed some, and a season or two, I didn’t care for him as much. But back by the end (will not say how it ends) I liked Walter again and really wasn’t ready for the series to end.

I would watch this series all over again. It had some great crazy scenes: dissolving a body in a bathtub (ew..and also replicated on Mythbusters).

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