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American Horror Story, Freak Show

American Horror Story, Freak Show Premieres Wednesday, October 8, 2014 on FX.

This is the fourth season of American Horror Story. Don’t worry if this is your first season watching (Do go watch the previous seasons).

The nice thing about this series is that each season is a new story with new people, but some of the same cast… Jessica Lange! So happy she is once again in the show.

Season 1 we had the haunted house story. This is my favorite season. Perhaps because it was the first and so “out there”, and it had a great twist.

Season 2 we were in the insane asylum with good and evil..Devil and God. This was my least favorite season.

Season 3 we had a coven of witches! That was a a pretty good one!

Season 4 now is a freak show, and I am very excited about the craziness that come with this one.

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