Under the Dome Ignore the Book

UndertheDomeI liked Season 1 on it’s own, which is why I’m saying to ignore the book (still read it..you should read all Stephen King books in my opinion). I’m currently binge watching Season 2. It took a long time to get started on this season. Once I did it is moving at a good pace for me, and I’m intrigued. Airs on Mondays on CBS 10/9C

I try to not compare and contrast too much with the book, but I can’t help it at times. I enjoyed the book for the most part. I cannot remember a ton about the book anymore, but there wasn’t the egg, monarch, or teenager stuff going on. If it was I really blocked it out and please let me know!

The book wore me out. I find a lot of Stephen King’s books do that. For one they are usually pretty damn long, which I love! The longer the book the more I can get into it. His books also can be quite dark and don’t plan for a happy ending (damn you Thinner)!

I didn’t know if Under the Dome would be a one season type of deal like Harper’s Island (read about it here) or try to be a regular series. The seasons are long, but in Season 2 we are really just in the second week. They have some very eventful weeks there.

I could reread the book again, but I remember one part of the book where people panicked and trampled each other. I don’t what it was about that part, maybe how real King can make stuff, but it was such a hard part to read. I don’t know if I want to again.

I’m staying Under the Dome. I am going to ride it out, but really you can only keep this going for maybe another season. At some point (maybe already) it gets pretty ridiculous being trapped like that.

What are your thoughts on Under the Dome? Show or book, which is better?

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Wizard Wars on Syfy

As soon as we saw the commercials for Wizard Wars we immediately put it in the DVR to be recorded each week. Wizard Wars airs on Tuesdays at 10/9C on Syfy.

We watched the first episode, and the whole family really enjoyed it! Who doesn’t enjoy magic? Ellen Fox hosts this series. Penn and Teller serve as judges along with magic critic, Christen Gerhart and World Champion of Magic, Jason Latimer. Magicians are teamed up come each week and compete against each other and then against the expert team of wizards to win $10,000.

What I like is that the they challenge the teams with every day objects. The first episode there was Spam and Super Soakers that had to be used in their illusions. Since they haven’t worked together before nor with these objects they have to really think on their feet.

You see  them working on their tricks and illusions, but never giving away how they do any of it. I was impressed by show and what these magicians came up with. I need that Masked Magician to show me how they did all this stuff!

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New Zombie Series, Z Nation on Syfy

It looks like Syfy is going to join AMC and BBC America in the zombie series market. Z Nation comes to Syfy on September 12 at 10/9c.

AMC has had tremendous success with it’s adaptation of the comic book, The Walking Dead. It is a dark, gritty, and sometimes disgusting show. We all love it, and can’t wait for Season 5 on October 12!

Then BBC America came out with a very different take on zombies with the show, In The Flesh. It is dark, sometimes gritty, but a lot of times sad. It’s zombies in a different way, and after two seasons I love it and hope it gets renewed for a third!

So, of course my interest was peaked when I heard Syfy was coming out with their own. Given Syfy makes some cheese-tastic B movies, like Sharknado, Ghost Shark, Sand Shark, Ice Twisters, Sharknado 2, and on and on. However, do not discount their tv shows!

They have some great shows I watch/watched: Being Human (series has ended), Helix, Haven, and Dominion are the one that pop into my head.

My favorite part of zombie shows, movies, or books is the how..how did the zombies happen?, how can you kill them?, and how can you survive?

What stands out on this take on zombies that I have seen from previews is a person who survived a zombie bite. That’s pretty impressive! Normally you are screwed once bitten..perhaps you can chop off the affilicted areas, but odds are not in your favor.

Of course I see some familiar faces, which I love…it’s my thing to point out people in shows and movies (compulsion perhaps)

In the previews this guy, D J Qualls shows up. DJQuallsSilly me, I don’t remember Road Trip that he was in, but he was in Supernatural! He played Garth and was a hunter like Dean and Sam.

Then when I went to the Syfy site, and I see Tom Everett Scott!
TomEverettScottOh man, I can’t remember last I saw him. First thing I think seeing him is That Thing You Do! Great movie that he played in with Tom Hanks and Liv Tyler.

Check out a trailer for Z Nation.¬†Creepiest part..zombie baby…I hate zombie babies and kids!

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