Living Without Cable: Two Weeks Later

BreakingUpWithCableWe have been living without cable for two weeks now. We broke up with our cable company, and went to digital antennas and online streaming.  I have been posting a variety of posts sharing tips and information I have learned.

It is going pretty good! I have plenty to watch still, and the cable bill dropped at least $53. This month’s bill was under $100, because it had credits from when we cancelled. Can’t wait for the first normal bill next month.

I fall asleep much faster at night. I go to Hulu Plus plus on the TV, find a show to help me sleep like Modern Family, and pretty quickly I’m out. Before I’d be up for hours, flipping channels, and finding random shit to watch.

I don’t notice that I am missing shows. I know I missing some like: The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, and HELIX, but I don’t see commercials for them since I have just local channels. You don’t miss what you don’t see.

I’m sure late I will miss stuff, and know it. I will always have a chance to watch it: Netflix, video store, or Hulu Plus.

Weirdest thing we miss is the clock! The cable box had a digital clock, so now we don’t have a living room clock or one in the bedroom other than the alarm clock. Strange thing I didn’t think about, and never put on the list. The TV does have a clock when you click one of the top buttons like “Input.

The kids have taken the change great! They were so shocked we still had TV when the cable was cut. We explained there are channels that are FREE! They love Amazon Prime Instant Video, and we love that you can set parental controls for TV ratings on it.

So far so good!! Next step is the basement movie area with projector! I can’t wait to start researching that and get going. Hopefully this Summer really kick that project into full gear.

What are you surprised that you do or don’t miss about not having cable?

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Let’s Talk Transcendence

 I just finished watching Transcendence, made a cup of coffee, and now am ready to start talking about what I thought. A few days ago I had my posted my Before opinions of the movie.

I will say I was wrong about my initial feelings on the movie. I don’t know what I expected exactly. I thought Depp’s character, Will, would be cheesy computer generated. I really didn’t have much of a plot in mind other than whatever could happen after someone becomes “uploaded”.

Do not expect a play by play, or in depth explanation of this movie or any of the theories in it. I am not that techy of a person, and that may be good, because I will follow along and not question a lot of it. There is a lot in the movie to cover from the personal relationships, what technology could do to help or harm others and the world, playing God, etc. I don’t have enough coffee or time to go over every bit. Watch it yourself once (or probably twice).

Basically we have Will Caster (Johnny Depp) who is poisoned by this anti-technology group (they have some name..I can’t remember now). He has been working on artificial intelligence that would be self maintained. It would exist on its own. So, they “upload” him to this and it works. He is “alive”. Yes, there will be a lot of quote marks I don’t see a way around that.WillCasterComputer

Will and his wife, Evelyn, move to some middle of nowhere town to continue his research, which has gotten quite impressive. Will has been able to “heal” people in the town by injecting them with nano technology (I think that’s what they called it).Healing

It doesn’t just heal people, it connects them together in thoughts to him. This sounds completely  like the Borg.

It gets real awkward in one scene where he can talk through the people.TouchCollage

Anyway, shit goes bad like it does. Will if he still is really Will anymore is getting too powerful and spreading worldwide. Time to unleash a virus, like you do, and stop him.

The ending I will leave out to not spoil, but it was sadder than I expected. I also was left wondering if trying to stop him was the right thing or not, or did it work.

Overall, I liked the movie much more than I had expected. It kept my attention, but was a little too  much information at times. It requires more attention than I typically like to give a sci-fi type of flick.

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Breaking Up With Cable: The 50 Mile Amplified Antenna

BreakingUpWithCableThe final preparation we had to do for cutting our cable was get a second indoor antenna. We already bought a 35-mile one, and got great results.

We thought we would try a little stronger one, since it was going to be downstairs and a little farther away from windows. Plus we hope in the future to splice off of it for the basement (We do not know for sure this will work or not yet!)

The AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna – 50 Mile Range was $47.99 when we bought it. It requires a power source and has a longer cable with it as well.  006

Truthfully we cannot tell a difference between it and the 35-mile one. It doesn’t seem to help downstairs to get some of the channels we get on the second floor of our house.  We will talk in a later post some of the nuances of the indoor antennas.

Would I buy the 50-mile again?

Yes and No. If it was purely for our bedroom then No. There are no stations in those extra 15 miles.  I would say Yes for our current application in the living room because of our to splice off later for another room.

It still for you comes down to HDTV tower locations. Links to sites for researching you area are available here.

(post contains affiliate links but my own opinions)

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