Movie Night Reviews Are Here

On my home living blog, Dealin and Dishin, I used to do movie night reviews of whatever we watched for our Family Movie Nights or my Grown Up Movie Nights.

I will be doing those on Tales of a TV Addict from now on.

Here are links to all the movie reviews in the archive at Dealin and Dishin.

The Conjuring

The Heat

Despicable Me 2


Ernest Goes to Jail

The Croods

Rock of Ages

The Cabin in the Woods

Rise of the Guardians

Wreck It Ralph

Evil Dead (2013 remake)

Men in Black


The Apparition


Escape from Planet Earth

Home Alone 4

John Carter

The Adventures of Tintin

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Big Hero 6 Review and DVD Release Date

We had a Cub Scout “Day of Fun” as I dubbed it for a last hoorah as a den before the boys ended their Cub Scout days and moved on to Boy Scouts. After much (much) negotiations we settled our plans for the day: laser tag, mini golf, movies, and dinner.  The easiest decision was movie.

I wanted to see Night at the Museum 3 (and still want to see it), but the boys wanted to see Big Hero 6 . I wanted to see this as well, but heard it had a really sad part and wasn’t sure I was in mood for that.
Being outvoted off we went to see Big Hero 6 . We had five 11 year old, 6 parents, and a 6 year old.


Orphan Hiro is a 14 year old genius. He is wasting away his time with gambling at robot battles. His older brother, Tadashi, encourages him to try to enter his college. A series of events unfold and Tadashi dies leaving Hiro devasted.  Tadashi’s friends try to take Hiro under their wing.  Then comes Baymax, Tadashi’s invention, a caregiving robot.   Hiro learns justice and revenge are not the same.

I didn’t tell a lot, and there is so much more. I just wanted to give you a little information about the movie.


The boys were silent!! That speaks for itself. They happily ate their snacks and watched the movie. The kids laughed at Baymax fist bumping, and us parents laughed as Baymax explaining puberty to Hiro.

Overall, everyone liked the movie a lot! The “sad” part I was worried about was sad, but not in a horrible The Lion KingMufasa way (Thank God..I can’t take that again!)

Big Hero 6 is available for purchase on February 24, 2015.

(post contains affiliate links and original opinions)

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Where Did The Time Go?

I would love an answer to that question!  I finally wrote a post today, and looking back it had been over a MONTH since I had written anything here.

Wow..that’s just sad! has been ridiculously busy this past year (and not slowing up for another couple weeks)…we have had or currently having Girl Scout Cookie Sales, Cub Scout Blue and Gold planning, Christmas, Organizing and cleaning out all the clutter that drives me crazy, running kids and cats to wherever they have to go, my own meetings, and housework (yeah that’s happening regularly).

Even if I am  not here I am still watching my shows. I’m recording all the shit that looks even remotely interesting.

I am finding that I am getting hooked on: Survival Shows (Dude You’re Screwed, Dual Survival, Naked and Afraid), Mike and Molly (my go-to when I need to go to relax and go to sleep), and Tiny House Living (fascinating to me).

I’m posting on Facebook and Twitter whatever random shit pops into my head when watching shows, reading, or listening to music. Come visit me!

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