New Zombie Series, Z Nation on Syfy

It looks like Syfy is going to join AMC and BBC America in the zombie series market. Z Nation comes to Syfy on September 12 at 10/9c.

AMC has had tremendous success with it’s adaptation of the comic book, The Walking Dead. It is a dark, gritty, and sometimes disgusting show. We all love it, and can’t wait for Season 5 on October 12!

Then BBC America came out with a very different take on zombies with the show, In The Flesh. It is dark, sometimes gritty, but a lot of times sad. It’s zombies in a different way, and after two seasons I love it and hope it gets renewed for a third!

So, of course my interest was peaked when I heard Syfy was coming out with their own. Given Syfy makes some cheese-tastic B movies, like Sharknado, Ghost Shark, Sand Shark, Ice Twisters, Sharknado 2, and on and on. However, do not discount their tv shows!

They have some great shows I watch/watched: Being Human (series has ended), Helix, Haven, and Dominion are the one that pop into my head.

My favorite part of zombie shows, movies, or books is the did the zombies happen?, how can you kill them?, and how can you survive?

What stands out on this take on zombies that I have seen from previews is a person who survived a zombie bite. That’s pretty impressive! Normally you are screwed once bitten..perhaps you can chop off the affilicted areas, but odds are not in your favor.

Of course I see some familiar faces, which I love…it’s my thing to point out people in shows and movies (compulsion perhaps)

In the previews this guy, D J Qualls shows up. DJQuallsSilly me, I don’t remember Road Trip that he was in, but he was in Supernatural! He played Garth and was a hunter like Dean and Sam.

Then when I went to the Syfy site, and I see Tom Everett Scott!
TomEverettScottOh man, I can’t remember last I saw him. First thing I think seeing him is That Thing You Do! Great movie that he played in with Tom Hanks and Liv Tyler.

Check out a trailer for Z Nation.¬†Creepiest part..zombie baby…I hate zombie babies and kids!

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American Horror Story, Freak Show

American Horror Story, Freak Show Premieres Wednesday, October 8, 2014 on FX.

This is the fourth season of American Horror Story. Don’t worry if this is your first season watching (Do go watch the previous seasons).

The nice thing about this series is that each season is a new story with new people, but some of the same cast… Jessica Lange! So happy she is once again in the show.

Season 1 we had the haunted house story. This is my favorite season. Perhaps because it was the first and so “out there”, and it had a great twist.

Season 2 we were in the insane asylum with good and evil..Devil and God. This was my least favorite season.

Season 3 we had a coven of witches! That was a a pretty good one!

Season 4 now is a freak show, and I am very excited about the craziness that come with this one.

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I can’t wait to watch Annabelle

AnnabelleCoverIf you saw The Conjuring you remember this super creepy doll. I mean really, who in the hell would buy or make a doll that looked like this?? I am glad they did, because the doll itself gives me the creeps and makes the new movie, Annabelle , all the scarier. I forget that there is some truth behind these stories. This site tells about the original Annabelle, not nearly as scary looking as The Conjuring version.

The Conjuring touched on about objects having evil spirits or something (I’m a little fuzzy on the details). The doll was in the movie for a little bit, but you could tell there was a lot more to that story. Now we will learn about Annabelle!

October 3, 2014

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