Grown Up Movie Night Review- Dracula Untold

Grown Up Movie Night Review- Dracula Untold

The Hubs and I actually watched a grown up movie together this week! This is a rare occurrence. He doesn’t like horror flicks like me, and a lot of nights we are too tired to stay up and watch a movie after the kids go to bed. We watched Dracula Untold (rated PG-13, 93 minutes)

Everyone knows of Dracula. There have been countless films centered on Dracula or vampires in general. This one was a little different from others I have seen. This one was focused on Dracula before and his life before he became the monster we all know.

Synopsis (without spoilers..even though you should know how this ends!)

In this version Dracula was originally Vlad (Vlad the Impaler) and was a Prince in Translyvania. He had been given to the Turks as a child to keep the peace and raised to be a soldier (unfeeling killer really). Once again the Turks are coming wanting children for their army. Vlad now has a son of his own, and refuses to give in like his father had. While out looking for Turks Vlad stumbles upon a vampire that offers him a deal. He can drink from the vampire, and receive super human abilities and strength for three days then return to normal. If he feeds during those three days then he is a vampire forever. Vlad feels like there is little choice to save his kingdom, and takes the chance.


We liked the movie. I felt there was some more information about this Master Vampire, that offered Vlad the deal, that could have been added. I would have liked to learned who turned him, why he was stuck there, and what happens now. There seemed to be another storyline there, and a set up for another movie. How the movie ended ,though, I don’t think I would want it to pick up exactly there.
There were nice effects especially with Dracula turning into bats for his speed and flying. Instead of being one bat like the old films depicted he was a colony of bats. It did make more sense, and looked pretty cool as well.

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Grown Up Movie Night Review- Ouija

Today’s Movie Night Review: Grown Up Edition is Ouija. Of course my friends and I have tried these in high school and college. I don’t know how I believe in them working, since they are sold at Walmart etc.  I’m open to the ideas of ghosts, hauntings, etc., but I’m also the one asking questions no one else knows at the table to test it too.


Of course this is not the first movie with a Ouija Board. My friend and I way back watched, Witchboard. This was back in 1986 and starred Tawny Kitaen, who you may remember as the hot chick dancing on the cars in Here I Go Again – Whitesnake video.Patch

Witchboard also starred, Stephen Nichols, who played Patch Johnson from the Patch and Kayla super couple  on Days of Our Lives.

Anyway, you learned the biggest rule of all Ouija use…NEVER NEVER NEVER do it alone! All kinds of shit is going to come your way, and be leery of trusting anyone you “talk” to through an Ouija..spirits like the living lie!

So, back to today’s movie, Ouija (rated PG-13, 90 minutes). This flick stars Olivia Cooke (Emma from Bates Motel TV series). We also have a few scenes with Lin Shaye (Elise from the Insidious movies)


Summary (without spoiling the end)

Laine’s best friend, Debbie, killed herself one night after playing with an Ouija board alone (Bad idea…like we see in every Ouija board based flick). Laine convinces her friends to try to communicate with her friend with the same board. Of course someone else starts to communicate with them, “Friend”. The friends start being harassed by some unknown spirit. They look for a way to stop what is haunting them before they are all dead.


I really liked this one. It had good suspense and startles. I love haunting movies anyway. A ghost story is always a classic scare. At one point the movie seemed to be over, and very nicely wrapped up. I was disappointed in that, until I saw there was about 20 minutes left of the movies. Oh good, that means some kind of twist is coming. The ending was final, but left some doubt and opening for a sequel. One new thing I did learn about Ouija boards was about looking through the planchette allows you to see spirits. No idea if this is part is true, but I’ll never try it!
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Family Movie Night Reviews-Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast


This past week we watched Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (rated G, 77 minutes). This movie focused more on Fawn, the animal fairy. She is drawn to help or study an creature she finds no matter how dangerous it may be.

Fawn finds the strangest creature she has ever or anyone in Pixie Hollow have ever seen. I just loved cute!


Fawn decides to study this mysterious creature, however the Scout fairies led by, Nyx, are trying to hunt this creature down. I don’t think they will actuallly kill it. I’m not sure that is the fairy way, but they want it gone. Apparently legend says this Neverbeast comes every 1000 years, builds lightning gathering towers, transforms, and then will destroy everything.

Of course, there are some missing facts in translation. Pixie Hollow is in danger of being destroyed, but not by the Neverbeast. The Neverbeast is actually the only thing that can stop it. You go through the whole misunderstanding, miscommunication, and judgment by Nyx and other fairies drama.

Don’t worry Pixie Hollow isn’t destroyed. We all know that can’t happen.  Sadly the Neverbeast can’t stay though. He will have to hibernate for the next 1000 years until he is needed again.

This is where I quit watching the movie. The hubs filled me in on the final five minutes.  The fairies led the Neverbeast to a bed they made for him, walking down a corridor of blooming flowers, with sad song playing. Ugh..makes me teary now! I know he isn’t dead, but still  I found it terribly sad. Apparently I was the only one in the house who did.

Overall it was a cute movie. It had a good basic message of not jumping to conclusions about someone/something until you know the facts!
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