Throwback Thursday- David Duchovny


I just love David Duchovny. I don’t know what it is about him. Maybe it is that boyish look he had for decades now, the charm he radiates, or the roles he plays. I think it all of the above!

I have been seeing his face all over Hulu with his new series, Aquarius, which I totally want to watch. I just need to sit down and get to it.

Seeing him in that, yeah, he is a tad heavier, but he still looks the same. Talk about aging well!

So, let’s look back at David and some of his memorable roles that I enjoyed!

Denise Bryson
Twin Peaks 1990-1991
I forgot he was in this show. This was before I knew who he was, and I almost didn’t recognize him.
Fox Mulder
Always believed the truth was out there, and would find it no matter what.
The X-Files  1993-2002
Hank Moody
Struggling author and king of poor decision making. I still have some seasons of this to watch.
Californication 2007-2014

Sam Hodiak
All I know is he is a police officer investing Charles Manson. I haven’t watched this one yet.
Aquarius 2015


Trivia Bits

Madeleine Martin, who played Becca Moody in Californication BeccaMoodyis also Shelley Godfrey on Hemlock Grove !ShelleyGodfrey

The X-Files is coming BACK to Fox for a 6 episode event (these “events” are all the rage right now). Premiere date is January 24, 2016!

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Family Movie Night Reviews- Mortal Kombat Annihilation

Continuing on with our current Mortal Kombat obsession in the house (Xbox 360 games and now Sega Genesis games) last week’s Family Movie Night was Mortal Kombat Annihilation.

The kids liked the first Mortal Kombat movie, so if there is a sequel we have to watch it. We also have a couple TV series to check out as well.


Mortal Kombat: Annihilation  picks up with the first left off with Shao Kahn showing up and threatening to merge the Outworld and the Earth, which would end up destroying our world. So it is up to Sonya, Liu Kang, Johnny, Rayden, and a few new heroes to save the day.


Okay, this movie’s beginning graphics were awful. It was like Power Rangers (sorry to those who actually like that show). They replaced practically every character from the first except Liu Kang.  On the plus side there was a lot of fighting, which my kids like. They also were happy because there were a lot more villians in this one. We had Sheeva, Sindel, Ermac, etc.

Is it a great move? No. Is it an easy light action flick? Yeah. Don’t have high expectations for this, but it isn’t a complete waste of time. Younger kids like mine (ages 7 and 11) will enjoy it!

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Retro Video Game Night

RetroVideoGameNightI needed to do some work on the blogs, and we have planned to go see Inside Out tomorrow. So that means no Family Movie Night tonight. Instead the Hubs got out the old Sega Genesis from our college days, when we started dating and are having a retro video game night.SegaGenesis

We have a small collection of games still. We have some Mortal Kombat, which is still lots of fun in the newer Xbox 360 versions. We have Risk (that’s the Hubs), Vectorman (his as well), Beavis and Butthead (no idea), Columns, etc. Columns basically is the grandfather to Bejeweled and Candy Crush that I’m so freaking hooked on. I’m assuming Columns was mine.SegaGenesisGames

Gotta say I’m impressed the Sega still works after all these years and moves.

The kids are playing Mortal Kombat II, and for a game from 1993-94 the graphics are pretty good. MortalKombatIIThe blood is nothing at all like games now, but it still had a MA-17 then. Funny how all of that changes over time..the tolerances we have for that. Currently all the girl cares about is getting the guy to come out and say “Toasty!”ToastyGuy

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