Throwback Thursday, Happy Halloween!

ThrowbackThursdayI had a couple ideas for this week’s Throwback Thursday, but with Halloween tomorrow we have to go with that theme. I love love love Halloween! I love all of October, mainly for all the horror movies I get to watch on TV!

My kids love the holiday as well..the dress up and spooky decor are their favorites. They are 11 and 6 and aren’t ready for the real horror yet, but when they are…. I can’t wait!

So this week’s Throwback Thursday will be celebrating my favorite horror movie series, Nightmare on Elm Street!
These were one of the first horror movies I remember watching. Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare was my first rated R (and 3D) movie my friend and I went to. My Mom had to take us, and that was saying a lot, because she hates horror.

I have a fondness for Freddy’s personality, and creativity. The idea of what you dream killing you in real life is scary. The movies have a campiness to them (It was the 80′s after all.), but I still love them!

I, however, hate hate hate the remade one from 2010. Ugh!! I like the actor, Jackie Earle Haley, and remember him fondly from Bad News Bears (he was my crush in that movie). He is no Robert Englund. Englund made this role what it is, and those are big big shoes to fill.


What horror movie series do you have to watch anytime it’s on?

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My Frozen Feelings

There is a Frozen obsession. Now that’s it’s Halloween I am seeing lots and lots of Elsas. At our Girl Scout Halloween party I saw probably 10 of them plus they all love to sing with the songs (which is actually cute). We are scheduled to go to a Frozen themed event next month for Girl Scouts too. The girls love it, and have fun together and that’s the point.

I don’t like Frozen. I admit it…I am not over the moon in love with this movie and thankfully my kids aren’t either. My kids have watched it once or twice..thank goodness not daily like some. They’d rather watch The Lego Movie or Batman cartoons.

Sure, it has some good songs, but I’m sick of Let It Go and Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?. Give me the Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast soundtrack any day…seriously…I can sing those word for word without shame.

Why didn’t I like Frozen?

It was following the Rom-Com formula of “Let’s not talk it out, have an overly dramatic unnecessary blow up, then finally get back together”. This was with sisters instead of a couple, but works nonetheless.

What bugged me the most was Anna at that party where she is “in love” with this random dude (alleged prince)  she just met. Sure that worked in the old Hepburn/Tracy movies in the 50′s, but not anymore. It is kind of an annoying thing with romance movies…the instantly in love deal. (No, I’m not a bitter single lady..I have been married for 14 years…together for 19). And it totally bites Anna in the ass. I am glad it does, because that was the one good point. Get to know someone first before declaring your undying love.

Overall it was a good movie…box office gold. It is not a movie I care to see over and over. Now that Olaf…I could watch a movie of just him. Who doesn’t love a talking snowman?

(Added after telling the Hubs about this post)
The Hubs tells me he thought the movie purposely did this with Anna as a cautionary tale. If that is true that will change my opinion greatly. I figured she was just desperately seeking a way out of her sheltered life, and jumped at the first guy that gave her a moment of attention.

Do you think it was on purpose, or just a her being foolish and naive?

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Throwback Thursday (Jeff Goldblum)

ThrowbackThursdayIt just happened to work that today (October 22) as I’m writing this it is Jeff Goldblum’s birthday, because he was already in my head to be the subject of this week’s Throwback Thursday. So I am going to publish this early to say Happy Birthday Jeff!

Why Jeff Goldblum?

I have this crush on him…I really like his smart ass/geek type of characters like in Jurassic Park JurassicParkJeffGoldblumand Independence Day (I have a thing for smart guys.)IndependenceDayJeffGoldblum

But for pure eye candy and a hunk of man meat…Earth Girls are Easy. Wow! EarthGirlsareEasyJeffGoldblumI saw this after knowing from The Fly (I don’t think I have watched it all, but mostly he’s yum there too!) and all that. So I was very very happily surprised! Yummers!

However I enjoy him for his mind and acting not just his body…but it sure didn’t hurt!

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