Brandi and Jarrod Married to the Job

I have a been a big fan of Storage Wars for about as long as has it been on. I watched when it Dave, Barry, Darrell, Brandi and Jarrod.


Dave claimed he was fired by the show in 2012 suing A&E over his accusations of the units been altered or staged by production with items. This apparently became a big hot mess with A&E suing back. You can Google it and read more for yourself, but I already have a headache this morning. The point is he comes back on August 12, 2104 on Storage Wars. No idea what happened with that lawsuit, but maybe payday is more important than his  principal?
So what does that all have to do with Brandi and Jarrod? Well with Dave coming back to Storage Wars (for an episode or the season I don’t know) they are airing a lot of commercials.  Since their will be a lot of viewers, immediately following the new episodes of Storage Wars is the new series premiere of Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job. This isn’t the first we have seen them. There was a special in April of Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job. I figured it was a test to see how a spin-off would do.

Barry went on to his own spin-off, Barry’d Treasure, on A&E. I really really wanted to like it, but I just don’t. His personality when playing off the rest of the group on Storage Wars is great, but on it’s own not so much. Plus he wasn’t buying storage units anymore. He went around to people to buy stuff. I don’t know. I made it through maybe one episode. I thought the show was cancelled until I was on the site and it said premiere was May 2014.

How did Brandi and Jarrod do? They did really well! Brandi and Jarrod can carry a show, because (for one) there are two people. They bounce off each other with their daily banter.  They work together, have two kids, and are practically married (not legally). Favorite line from Storage Wars by Brandi, “We’re dating? Great I’ll tell the kids!”

I am setting my DVR to record this on A&E August 12, 2014 10 PM ET following Storage Wars 9PM and 9:30PM ET.

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Getting Naked to Find Love

DatingNakedVH1 has started a new show, Dating Naked.  They are calling it a “social experiment”, and I quote, “where before they bare their souls they bare everything else first” and “Online dates, blind dates, and the latest in ridiculous dating apps all make it hard to see people for who they really are.”

So being naked with someone is going to make me be more real? I don’t think so. I would be insanely uncomfortable…not just myself being naked but the other person. Honestly, I would stare at his junk the whole time. I wouldn’t be able to help it.

It’s not just one person they date, oh no, there are three dates. So by the end you have three naked men and three naked women hanging out around the pool.

I had scene previews, and my first response is “HELL NO!” Today while at the gym I got to watch most of an episode. I missed the intro part, but I got the gist of it.  Gotta say they did better at making eye contact than I would have.

I wasn’t impressed. Looks and physical appearance played a big part, and I didn’t see anyone getting real “deep”. It was this guy is kissing this hot girl, while the other girl is pining for him in the pool, then he kisses her and then goes back and kisses the other girl. Shit I could watch Real World, Bachelor, or some other random dating/young people living together type of show. (I’m feeling old right now, because I have no idea if Real World is still on the air. I quit around Seattle.)

After watching I’m still saying “HELL NO!” I wouldn’t be on the show, and I don’t see myself watching it. (Other than when I’m on the treadmill and nothing else to watch)

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The Wil Wheaton Project

I am not a daytime talk show person, but I do love the nighttime entertainment ones like The Soup, Tosh.0, and now The Wil Wheaton Project. The Wil Wheaton Project airs on Syfy on Tuesday nights at 10/9C.wilwheatonlogo

If you don’t know, Wil Wheaton, was on my favorite of the Star Trek TV series, Star Trek The Next Generation.  He played Wesley Crusher, son of ship doctor, Beverly Crusher.WesleyCrusher1
He was a cutie, but my man crush on Star Trek was this guy.
patrickstewartheartPatrick Stewart, who played Captain Jean Luc Picard! Between the British accent and bald head..I love him! Then to hear him give a talk about domestic violence and how he wished he could’ve helped his own mom…what a man!

Anyway (Sorry for the veering off track there) back to Wil. After Star Trek I didn’t see much of him until I started watching The Big Bang Theory, and he would appear as himself. He would be a total smart ass borderline dick, and it was great!

Then it shows that he has his own show on Syfy called The Wil Wheaton Project. I’m wondering what the hell it is. It is kind of like The Soup where he talks about TV shows, but he focuses on Syfy shows, movies, and games.

I have quickly grown to really like this show and him on it. He is the type of guy I’d love to just hang out with, have a beer, and talk shit about others. Learn more on Syfy, WIL WHEATON dot NET, Facebook, and Twitter.

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A Great Scare With The Strain

I had been wanting to watch The Strain since seeing the little commercial clips. They told me nothing, but looked creepy which is right up my alley. I don’t know a lot about the series other than it is about vampires. I never thought I was a vampire fan, but after True Blood and other shows here and there I’m really enjoying them. As long as it isn’t sparkly, brooding vampires (hmmm..what ever could I be referring too?? Yes, I watched that series as well.)

I watched The Strain on FX last night, and I loved it!!! Luckily for the Hubs he went to sleep early, because it got pretty creepy by the end. I was freaked out by the time the episode was over and it was almost midnight. Note to self: Don’t watch alone or late at night next week!

What is it about?

I am not completely sure. All I know is a plane landed with everyone but 4 people dead on board.  The CDC is called in to figure out what happened.  It gets pretty weird pretty quickly with worms, a cloaked figure, people who don’t breathe, and things that look like zombies.

This is going to be a fun show, and I look forward to where it is going. There is some science and legend mixed in. I always enjoying seeing new interpretations of vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc.

I just saw it is inspired by a book (Woo is a series of books!) The Strain (The Strain Trilogy).  I will definitely have to check that out, but not until after the season is over (I am bad about comparing and contrasting books and shows).

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Time for TV


You would think I haven’t been watching anything how little I have wrote! I am watching..lots of lots of stuff. Sadly I have not had a lot of time to write.

The kids are on Summer Break and I am trying really hard to catch up on the housework and some home improvement projects. The year was very busy with Cub and Girl Scouts (that I am a leader for both), my Dealin and Dishin site, our Cub Scout site, and sadly this one came in last.

I will be working on a schedule so everyone can get some love! I am still watching lots of TV and movies. Now to get pen to paper (or in this case fingers to keyboard)

I have a lot in my head I want to share so I will throw out a few things now.

What I am watching:

Big Brother (CBS)

The People’s Couch (Bravo)

Sister’s Wives (TLC)

The Wil Wheaton Project (SyFy)

Dominion (SyFy)

Orphan Black (BBC America)

The Killing (Netflix)

The Fall (Netflix)

What are your Summer must watch shows?

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In The Flesh, BBC Zombie Series

I am a HUGE Zombie fan!! I love the gory, dark, terrifying type of zombie shows and movies (Night of the Living DeadThe Walking Dead, , The Return of the Living Dead, etc.), but occasionally I will like a funny one (Zombieland,Shaun of the Dead , etc.). I’m completely hooked on zombie fiction books now (Apocalypse Z Series, After – The Phoenix Curse Series, Contamination Series, Slow Burn Series, etc.) as well. Great stuff to read while I ride the stationary bike!

I recently found Orphan Black on Amazon Instant Video and binge watched the first season just in time for season two to start(which is on now!). While I was searching around on the BBC America site. I saw In the FleshSeason 2 Premieres May 10, 2014.

I was not completely sure what to make of In the Flesh. It had some definte creepiness in its look, but the description talked about the main character being aware of his “life” and not wanting to be back from the dead. That was new…most of the zombies I am familiar with are nonthinking or at the very least one track thought driven…Food!

I had to wait a few extra days to get In the Fleshfrom Netflix, and just started it yesterday. It is a very surprising show.

In 2009 everyone who died (and was buried) came back. They were as same say, rabid, and acted as you expect of a zombie. Then a medical facility started to treat them with Neurotriptyline. Now they are calm, no longer eat anything, intelligent, and empathic “people” suffering from PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome).PDS

Kieren Walker is the main character of this story having just left “rehab” to go back to his family’s home. Things are not necessarily friendly in his hometown. People do not trust any of the “Rotters” as they call them, and there is some danger and unfair treatment (reminds me of how True Blood started). To try to stay safe you either hide or you try to blend in by using make up and contacts.KierenCollage

I am on the last episode of Season 1 (it is only three, 1-hour episodes), and never thought I would say it, but I’m rooting for the Zombies!

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Check-in to Season 2 of Bates Motel Tonight!


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I am so excited to see Bates Motel come back with its second season tonight on A&E at 9/8c.

If you haven’t watched last season, fear not, you can watch the whole season online at Netflix. Start your Netflix FREE trial today!
I have to say I was not one bit disappointed with last season! It was as creepy as I expected if not more, and I cannot wait for this season to see where it takes us next. Here were my thoughts about the season before it started last year, and before I had this site.

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Grey’s Anatomy is Back Tonight!!

Grey’s Anatomy…New episode tonight 9/8 C and 12 weeks of new episodes at that!

Seems like a very long time since I have watched Grey’s…luckily I had my obsession with the Winter Olympics to subside me!

So, where did we leave off? Man..I barely remember. All I do remember for sure was the big cliffhanger of April getting married to Matt and Jackson deciding to finally grow a pair and say how he feels (Awkward indeed for his date!)

So tonight we will see who April chose:AprilKepner

Matt, the guy who has been there the whole time and is a nice guy, or Jackson, who April has “been with” (nudge nudge wink wink) and has a definite chemistry with and affection for.

I vote for Jackson Avery to be the guy she picks, but I don’t like the absolute last second approach he took…really sucks for the Matt guy.

(Photos from ABC)

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American Horror Story: Coven Finale Tonight!!

It is here…the night we find out who the next Supreme is in the coven.

This season has been crazy in the most amazing way! Last week’s episode felt like a finale with all that was going on.

I can’t wait to see who the Supreme is, and how the season will end. I will say this season felt short, but maybe it just moved fast. Last season kind of drug on to me.

Anyone want to share their Supreme predictions?

I don’t think it is Misty. I  really hope Madison is NOT the next Supreme.  I had been torn between: Zoe and Nan, but Nan looks to be for sure out of the picture. I am going with Zoe. Since the zombie episode I have felt it was her.

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My secret obsession…holiday romance TV movies

Post contains affiliate links, but honest opinions.

I love holiday movies!! All year round I watch horror (still do this time of year as well), but I have become obsessed with holiday movies. My favorite is the holiday romantic movie..comedy or light drama (nothing to make me cry). I used to watch them a little, but this year I cannot get enough of them!

Yes, they are predictable and have little plot but I love them!! I don’t know why..I can’t help it! I turn it on and can leave it on all day without worrying about the kids walking in and seeing someone being dismembered or topless (like horror likes to do).

logo_hallmarkchannelI have been watching most on the Hallmark Channel. (Hallmark’s schedule is here!) They have new premieres every Saturday and Sunday at 8/7c.

Lifetime also a bunch of holiday movies as well (Lifetime’s schedule is here).

I can also watch bunches movies through my Netflix online streaming.  As I type this I am watching Desperately Seeking Santa on Netflix.

Here is a very small sampling of what I am seeing on Netflix


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