Throwback Thursday (Jeff Goldblum)

ThrowbackThursdayIt just happened to work that today (October 22) as I’m writing this it is Jeff Goldblum’s birthday, because he was already in my head to be the subject of this week’s Throwback Thursday. So I am going to publish this early to say Happy Birthday Jeff!

Why Jeff Goldblum?

I have this crush on him…I really like his smart ass/geek type of characters like in Jurassic Park JurassicParkJeffGoldblumand Independence Day (I have a thing for smart guys.)IndependenceDayJeffGoldblum

But for pure eye candy and a hunk of man meat…Earth Girls are Easy. Wow! EarthGirlsareEasyJeffGoldblumI saw this after knowing from The Fly (I don’t think I have watched it all, but mostly he’s yum there too!) and all that. So I was very very happily surprised! Yummers!

However I enjoy him for his mind and acting not just his body…but it sure didn’t hurt!

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Six Feet Under Series Finale

SixFeetUnder1Holy shit!! Whew!! I just watched the Six Feet Under series finale.  I’m probably still red eyed while typing this. I hope to not think too much of the finale and get crying again.

Maybe because it’s been a long two weeks (Who am I kidding? More like two months) and I’m tired and blah already but I feel like an emotional wreck. Really this has been one of my favorite series, but not for the faint of’ve got love, humor, sadness, etc.

No Spoilers! I won’t give away any specifics..I will let you go through this yourself, but be prepared.

Finales are painful usually for me..I hate seeing a show end, but this one was so much worse. It didn’t end in a horrible way, but it was sad kind of heartbreaking sad. If you have watched the show you get attached to all the characters, but with the premise of the series dealing with death it’s more intense.

I haven’t been this worked up over an episode since that damn Futurama episode with Frye’s dog waiting for him until he died…Oh my God..that makes me what to tear up now. I quit watching that show after that, and will never ever watch it again. Partly for fear it will be that episode.

This one was pretty close in the sadness scale, but I think Futurama still has it beat.

So, I’m going to find myself some kind of crap horror movie to watch to push away all the teary-eyed feelings.

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Throwback Thursday (TV Show Connections)

ThrowbackThursdayMy favorite thing is recognizing people on shows. Especially when it has taken me seasons to do so.

This week’s Throwback Thursday is the connection between Six Feet Under and American Horror Story Asylum and American Horror Story Freak Show.

I have been watching Six Feet Under for months now. All I have left is the series finale (so sad!). Then the new season of American Horror Freak Show just started last week (Holy shit is that Twisty the Clown freaky!!)

Last night while watching American Horror Story Freak Show it finally clicked to me that Frances Conroy (Gloria Mott) was Ruth Fisher on Six Feet Under!AHSFreakShowFrancesConroySixFeetUnderFrancesConroy

Immediately I had to check my IMDb app to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. Yes! It is her…wow! Then I look around and see another Six Feet Under cast member…

James Cromwell (George Sibley..Ruth’s second husband). SIX FEET UNDER: Frances Conroy, James Cromwell. CR: John P. Johnson/HBOIt took me a second and then it dawned on me. He was that evil ass doctor,  Arden,  from American Horror Story Asylum (Honestly my least favorite season..but I have to watch them all!).AHSAsylumJamesCromwell

So there’s your weekly Throwback Thursday bit of trivia! Who’s have you been surprised to see in another show?

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